A route of more than 170 km mainly on dirt road, which follows the military roads of the Bardonecchia basin and reaches one of the highest points of the entire Alta Val Susa network. 

Starting from Sestriere, an easy dirt road leads to Col Basset (2424 m), from which there is a splendid panorama of Val Chisone, Cima del Vallonetto (3217 m) and Monte Ambin (3378 m). Then, still on a dirt road, descend towards Sauze d’Oulx along the service roads of the Vialattea ski lifts.


When you reach Oulx, take the SS24 in the direction of Susa until the junction for Moncellier; at the junction for Eclause the asphalt road ends and one of the most scenic routes in Val Susa begins, built in 1886 to link the fortifications in the area. The first one you encounter is the Pramand Fort (late 1800s - early 1900s). Continue into the Seguret Tunnel - also known as the Saracen Tunnel, a winding tunnel, 900 m long. With a detour from the main route but absolutely always remaining on the road, you come to the Jafferau Fort (2800 m). Continuing on, you pass Fort Foens and begin the descent towards Bardonecchia where, near the Bacini locality, the dirt track ends.


From Bardonecchia, it is possible to go to the Colle del Sommeiller (3000 m) by a long and spectacular dirt road along the Vallone di Rochemolles, to be travelled both ways. The main itinerary then continues with the ascent on a dirt road to the Col del Colomion - passing by Bramafam Fort, where you can visit an interesting military museum - followed by a descent into Puys from where, on an asphalt road, we reach Beaulard and then Oulx from where we ascend to Pierremenaud and then on to the summit of Cotolivier, where a breath-taking view of the Oulx plain and surrounding peaks awaits us.


Rejoining the asphalt road, you return to Sestriere along the asphalt road through Cesana Torinese.