Gran Paradiso National Park

Positioned in the Orco and Soana valleys, it was the first national park in Italy to be established: it started out in 1922 as a royal Savoy reserve to ensure the survival of the ibex.

From the 800m of the valley floor to the 4061m at the peak of the Gran Paradiso, fir and larch forests, Alpine meadows, rocks and glaciers form the ideal habitat for the extensive and varied wildlife and a wonderful setting for a visit to discover the world of the high mountains.

There are kilometres of Royal Hunting Trails along which can be seen ibex, chamois, marmots, ermines, squirrels and rare birds such as the golden eagle and the ptarmigan freely living in their natural habitat. Hikers and mountain climbers can find accommodation in shelters and camps, while Lake Ceresole Reale and various marked trails are available to fans of windsurfing and mountain biking.


Watch the video: Well-come to Paradise

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