Rocca Candelera

Tipo attività outdoor

Rocca Candelera is the first ferrata in the Lanzo Valleys! The difference in altitude is about 500m, with fairly exposed passages that will require the best physical performance.


From Turin Venaria Reale, Cafasse (SP1) Gallery Monte Basso, detour to Viù, Lemie, Usseglio Fraction Piazzette. After the hamlet continue on the straight after passing a quarry on the right, 40 meters of the end of the same and before the bend, on the right there is a dirt road. The signpost is on the cart road 50 meters from the main road. Parking along the street.


Follow the signs, watch where cross the path of descent and ascent. The trace of the path of ascent definitely goes to the left and the indicator sign is placed at the top left. Do not cross the stream and continue for 50 meters on the plain and then go up significantly for the fall line for 50-60 meters until you see on the right an obvious drywall and the path with cairns. On the plan after the trail not to be fooled by a clear path up and then diagonally and flat back to the stream. The climb is steep and only at the end of the forest you see the plate facing south where there is a sign indicating the start.

The ferrataconsists of two parts, divided between them by a short Tibetan bridge, (avoidable). It consists of a steel cable with plastic sheath For each of the two sectors there are vertical sections in the second part there are some overhangs. The ferrata ends at the top of Candelera Rocca.


There are signs for the descent. The first part takes place through the new path dug in the lawn. It follows a short section of track with the path where you must be very careful and you reach the trail 50 m. bottom, marked with red stamps and you get to the parking lot.

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