Elected capital of the Savoy-Acaia properties in Piedmont in 1295, in the 16th and 17th centuries it became a fortress intended to guarantee France control of northern Italy; it was also used as a prison for Louis XIV's enemies, including the mysterious character known as the "Iron Mask", who is remembered every year in a historical commemoration.

A visit to the historic centre of Pinerolo brings to life the medieval atmosphere with its porticoes, historic buildings and hidden courtyards. In the Museo Storico dell'Arma di Cavalleria (Historical Museum of the Cavalry), you can retrace the history of the Scuola Militare di Equitazione (Military Riding School), while from the Piazzale di San Maurizio, in the upper part, you can enjoy a splendid view of the city, the Pinerolo plain and the Valli Valdesi. On Saturday mornings, one of Piedmont's largest markets is held, while at the beginning of September there is the prestigious Rassegna dell'Artigianato del Pinerolese.


Pinerolo Tourist Map