Torino with your best friends: let's go!

Torino is a treasure trove of culture, history and gastronomy waiting to be discovered. And what could be better than living this unique experience with your closest friends? With its Baroque charm, delightful piazzas and typical local cuisine, Torino offers an unforgettable experience for anyone who decides to visit.

Here is a glamourous guide on how to make your trip for ladies (or a day) to Piedmont's capital city unforgettable.


Royal charm

Where did the queens and princesses of the Savoy dynasty live? And how were festivals, balls and court banquets organised? Discover ancient legends and historical evidence in the Royal Residences of the Savoia. In the historical centre, visit the Royal Museums and Palazzo Madama, or head up the hill to enter the Villa della Regina and look out over the panorama of Torino, or think about the grand ball in the Gallery of Diana at the Reggia di Venaria.


The glamour side of the city

Torino has many souls, one of which is certainly the glam one! The dehors on the city's large squares, open-air lounges, to enjoy the increasingly viral Instagrammable brioches or discover the delights of local pastry chefs. The city's most characteristic corners, such as the streets of the Quadrilatero Romano or fashionable Vanchiglia, a favourite destination for university students. Discover these neighbourhoods in the dedicated section.


Walking and Chatting along the Po river

How much do we love chatting freely among friends? Stroll along the Lungo Po in the direction of the Parco del Valentino: the river has no ears but offers suggestive views and perfect places for a brunch break.

If you like greenery, linger in the city's green lung to discover flower beds and romantic sculptures. On the opposite side of the river, instead, take the narrow streets to admire villas and Art Nouveau buildings and unique views of the centre.


Cultural break

Are you one of those 'let's not miss an exhibition' types or haven't you visited a museum together in a while? Photography, modern art, contemporary artists and great classics: Torino offers museums and exhibitions for all tastes, in historic locations or innovative settings. Choose your favourite museums here or browse through the latest exhibitions

Looking for new experiences and views of the city? Browse the experiences of our tour operators and choose from aperitifs, tours by night and much more.


Shopping and markets

If you love big names, head for Via Roma, Via Lagrange and their adjacent streets for unbridled shopping. If, on the other hand, you are looking for unique boutiques and garments, the ideal thing to do is to wander through more characteristic neighbourhoods, such as San Salvario, Crocetta and Quadrilatero, or devote half a day to local markets and markets, perhaps with a vintage stop. If you pop into Porta Palazzo, the Mercato Centrale is a perfect food stop.


Piedmontese cuisine, please!

At the table with friends, choose Mangébin! Torino is famous for its traditional dishes and delicious flavours: agnolotti del plin, vitello tonnato, tajarin, bagna caoda accompanied by a glass of local wine. The restaurants of the Mangébin circuit offer the specialities of typical cuisine as tradition dictates.

Snack time? As long as it is 'royal'! Several cafés and historic establishments offer the Merenda Reale®, the bicerin or hot chocolate accompanied by typical pastries such as baci di dama, torcetti and giandujotti.

For aperitif time, try Extra Vermouth: in participating venues, you will be served the typical Torino Vermouth, pure or in cocktails, accompanied by local samplings and tapas.


Have fun and relax

Besides exploring its cultural attractions and enjoying its delicious cuisine, Torino also offers many opportunities for fun and relaxation with friends. You could spend an evening at the theatre, catching a show or opera. If you are looking for relaxation, meet at the spa at QC Terme or if you sleep in the city, in the wellness centres offered by some accommodation facilities.

Or for an evening of pure fun, discover the upcoming musical concerts and major events of the year.


Your Torino with friends will be unforgettable!

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