Some brief instructions to buy your Card online:

- Pick the box of the Card you prefer and go to the online shop

remember that  3- days Junior card will appear when indicating the date of birth of the minor it is aimed at. 24,48 hours and 5 days Torino+Piemonte Cards are not available in the Junior version

- Fill the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk*

- The Torino+Piemonte Card is personal, hence it possible to add only one Card at a time in the cart; the information about every buyer must be provided

- The date of birth of the owner defines the versions of Cards available so it's a mandatory field.

- Remember that each card is valid for an adult and a child up to 11 years, if you enter a date of birth for which there is no type of card (e.g. a date for a child under 11 years) the program will not be able to associate with any card.

- Since the addition of the first item in your cart, you have 30 minutes to add other products; the time you have to finalize your purchase with credit card is 10 minutes

- Before payment you need to create an account, providing an e-mail and a password. All the purchases will be sent to the email indicated during the registration.

Due to system alignment problems, you might  receive a voucher with cards entitled to the same person but with QR Code featuring different serial numbers. In case, don’t worry: the QR code serial number is valid and it will be used by each museum to register your  entrance.

- At the end of your purchase you will receive a recap email and you can always find your previous purchases in your personal area.

- The pdf document you receive by mail contains the QR code already valid for accessing the museums; you must show it from your smartphone to the ticket office.

- As of today, there is no queue skipping privilege for the Card; it is therefore necessary to go to the ticket office to collect the free admittance ticket.

In compliance with current government regulations from 6 August, it will be mandatory to show your Green Pass accompanied by an identity document to access to the museums. These provisions do not apply to children under the age of 12 and to individuals with a specific medical certification. Without the documents cited above it will not be possible to access the Museums and the Card purchased will not be refunded.