Approximately 140 km route linking the Susa and Chisone valleys via the area’s best-known high-altitude dirt roads. 


Starting from Susa the SP 172 road climbs to Meana di Susa until it reaches the Colletto, where the dirt stretch up to Colle delle Finestre (2176 m) begins. From here, after a short descent on an asphalt road in the magnificent Pian dell’Alpe, begins the most famous of the military roads in the area, the Assietta Road (SP 173) dating back to the late 19th century, which reaches Sestriere following the watershed ridge between Val Susa and Val Chisone and crossing the plateau of the same name.


The first section, from Pian dell’Alpe to Colle dell’Assietta, runs on the south side with views of Monte Albergian and the distant Sestriere. After about 12 km the road becomes more challenging and in some places, very narrow: to the north you can see the remains of the Gran Serin Battery, which still rises imposingly above the Colle dell’Assietta (2472 m) below. Having passed the latter and the Testa dell’Assietta, the itinerary continues towards the Genevrìs, touching the Gran Mouttas Battery on the right and the Gran Costa Battery on the left; this is followed by the Lauson, Blegier and Bourget passes, always at altitudes above 2000 m. Having reached Colle Basset (2424 m), the descent to Sestriere begins and continues on an asphalt road towards Cesana Torinese until the diversions to Sansicario, from where, following a beautiful sloping dirt road, you reach the SS 24.


After passing Oulx, you pass Exilles with its famous fortress and reach Chiomonte: using a beautiful dirt road through dense chestnut groves, you climb towards Pian del Frais, a ski resort at 1500 m. From here, through a dense, beautiful forest, it is possible to reach Pian dell’Arguel. Back at Pian del Frais, the asphalt road leads to Piangelassa, a 1970s ski resort dominated by Monte Pintas. A descent on a dirt road through the hamlets of Deveis and Bastia leads to the valley floor, reconnecting with the starting point in Susa.